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Geoscience Services is an earth science consulting firm offering compre-hensive services in geophysics, geology, and management. The firm was originally established in 1988 as a corporation to serve its clients in the engineering/environmental  service community. In 2003 it became a sole proprietorship of Dr. William P. Walsh to better serve these  clients in the changing marketplace.

Our services are focused on assisting entities in the public and private sectors to locate potable ground water sources as well as character-izing polluted ground water bodies. We utilize advanced and specialized geophysical  techniques which can accomplish our purpose more cost-effectively than traditional exploratory drilling methods. Our web site is approximately 90% complete. See Resistivity Imaging and Resistivity-IP Imaging pages. 

The above techniques are readily adapted to site monitoring. Whereas the aforementioned looks to subsurface examination at several locations over time, geophysical monitoring is concerned with subsurface investigation at one location over various intervals of time. It is the change in the parameters measured by the same specialized geophysical techniques that is significant.

Over the years we have performed in the conventional manner as a stand- alone subcontractor with a specific task order in hand. However, we function best when we are an integral component of a project team; here we find that as the project unfolds we can ensure that the relevant geosciences are integrated in a properly time-phased way. This experience has blended well with the extensive project management experience of Dr. Walsh with prior employers (e.g. Raytheon, Woodward Clyde Consultants).

In the Management Consulting component of our service offerings. we are engaged to assume responsibility for overall management of projects (or to support the individual who has this responsibility) where other disciplines in addition to earth sciences are involved.  (Acting as a Water Commissioner for a municipality in Massachusetts is a case in point.)

Whether you are looking to enhance greater overall results or to solve intractable problems, we would like to explore with you how our experience can help you meet your needs. See  Contact Us page.