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Geoscience Services Associates was established in 2003 upon the dissolution of Geoscience Services Associates, Inc. a firm formed in 1988 by Dr. William Walsh. During GSA's 15 years of service, an array of applied geophysical services were provided to  the engineering and environmental community. The successor firm provides a  more focused area of applied geophysics as well as site monitoring and management consulting to those firms with interest in utilizing the earth sciences. Dr. Walsh is principal geophysicist and consultant.

We have over 30 years experience working with a diversity of clients. This has allowed us to bring an exceptional array of perspectives to each client we serve and gives us an understanding of a host of ways to further our  clients' needs.


Dr. William P. Walsh


Dr. Walsh has served in executive, program management and technical capacities within start-up and major corporations in the fields of environmental and geophysical consulting as well as earlier years with the military and information systems development firms.  These companies have included GSA Inc. (President); Raytheon Ocean Systems Co. (Director, Oceanographic and Environmental Services); Woodward Clyde Cnslts (Chief Geophysicist); Sylvania Electric Co. (Manager, Information Systems R & D); USAF (Captain, Electronics Research Directorate--Lincoln Lab.) 


Mass Institute of Technology                  Ph. D, Applied Geophysics           Boston College                                     A.B. Physics